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New Directions - 2006 Kaewyn Gallery Show

        I am pleased to announce the opening of my show of new paintings at the Kaewyn Gallery in Bothell, Washington. This represents a new direction for me, using a brighter palette and more reliance on imagination and memory than before. The show will be up between July 14th and August 21st, 2006. My thanks to Lynn Aasmon and her staff at the gallery for all of hard work involved in show preparation and the opening reception.
           I also express my appreciation for the  help and support of my mentors, especially Ted Pankowski, Leana Bennett, and  Diana Shine.

Artists Statement
        I have been fascinated with boats and the landscape since childhood.Girl on a Road - Columbia River My paintings always start as a response to a specific observation, and are modified during the painting process by     memory and emotion. The paintings reflect the world as it should be, full of color and contrast. My goal is to compel the viewer to share my vision of these times and places.
            My work is painted from memory, sometimes aided by a
photograph. The under painting goes in, and then the painting takes on a life of its own. I seldom know what the painting will look like until it is finished. The paintings generally reflect a mood of serenity, spiced up with large brush strokes and vibrant colors.”